About TMS

Am I a candidate for Deep TMS?

If you have moderate to severe depression, TMS could be a good option for you, even if you have tried multiple antidepressants to no avail.
The following items would exclude a patient from TMS treatment:

• History of epilepsy (other than childhood seizures)
• Recent active drug or alcohol abuse
• Metal implants in the head or neck (other than metal dental fillings)

Young Depression Patient

I have so much more energy, I have motivation to do things – like hobbies of mine I haven’t done in forever. It has seriously changed everything!


Male Depression Patient

I was a different person 6 or 7 months ago. I was really struggling and suicidal. But it appears that TMS really did profoundly help me.


Female Depression Patient

People will see me, and know that there is an answer, there’s a solution. What medication and therapy couldn’t do for me alone, Deep TMS did.


Severe Depression Patient

I enjoyed life for a change – sunshine, my wife’s smile. I would recommened deep TMS treatment to anybody suffering from depression. Because I think it gives your life back.


Senior Depression Patient

I was highly skeptical and didn’t really believe that something that seems so simple and non invasive, could really work.


Middle Aged Depression Patient

As the sessions went on, I started feeling more energy, so I knew I was getting back to my normal self. I was smiling more, even when I went in for my sessions.


Depression Patient

The first couple of treatments I felt a subtle change, I feel different – my cognitive abilities, I go to work, I drive , I can read a book. Deep TMS I think will help, and its gonna have a huge impact in people’s lives.


Severe Depression Patient

Deep TMS has been something that lifts my spirit. Now I have energy to attend to the things I want to attend to. Be it my home business, playing with my dog, socializing with my friends, or going dancing! Deep TMS has been a miracle for me.


Middle Aged Depression Patient

The first time I could tell a difference was a week. My mom asked me me how was my treatment, and I said “Mom I can already tell a difference”. And she said, “So can I”.


Most major insurance companies cover TMS treatment, including:

• Blue Cross Blue Shield MA
• Boston Medical Center HealthNet
• Commonwealth Care Alliance
• Fallon Health Care
• Harvard Pilgrim
• Medicare
• Neighborhood Health Plan (NHP)
• Network Health
• Tufts Health Care
• United Health Care
• Competitive Self-Pay rates

If you don’t see your insurance company listed here please call 617-564-8056.